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If you are a Vermont resident or you have a legal issue in Vermont, use this form to ask for help from Vermont Legal Aid and Legal Services Vermont. We will reply as soon as we can.

UPDATE: Callbacks within about 10 days

We currently have a lot of requests for legal help. If you contact us today, most people should expect a call from us within about 10 days. We’re returning calls as fast as we can.

  • Please look at the information on our website at to see if your questions are answered here.
  • If you have an urgent problem, please give us as much detail as possible, including important dates and deadlines.
  • Please do not leave a second message.
  • Please keep a lookout for our return call. It will be from an 802 phone number that you probably don’t recognize!

Visit our How We Can Help page to learn about what to expect from us, how we can help with civil (not criminal) legal problems, how we help victims of crime, our in-person clinics and workshops, other Vermont legal help options, and legal help in another state.

Please note: We can’t help you with traffic violations. We can’t help you with most personal injury cases and real estate law. We also can’t defend you in a criminal case. (However, we can help if you need legal help due to being a victim of crime.) 

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